Barging into the Semi-Private World

Graham Nuthall, in the Hidden Lives of Learners, talks of three worlds of a student:

  1. The Public World. The world of the school, dominated by the teacher. If you walk into a classroom this is the world you usually see.
  2. The Semi-Private World. The world where children manage their status in their social group, with often different rules and customs to that of the Public World.
  3. The Private World. The world inside a child’s head, rarely seen and difficult to access?

Each Thursday evening I take a few Yr11 students to Starbucks to work on Maths. The aims are to:

  • Increase independence (students in theory get on with their work and I get on with mine)
  • Deliberately barge into the semi-private world, showing students that it is acceptable and profitable to work in spaces other than school
Plates and iPads work as mini whiteboards…

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