Prob-Squad 2: Two-Way Tables

The next assessment of problem-solving… (see first here, and student write-up here)

  1. For homework, complete this excellent task from Underground Maths. (I tried it last year)
  2. Begin the lesson by drawing a Map of Maths. Some hilarious responses.IMG-9136IMG-9135IMG-9137IMG-9138
  3. In the meat of the lesson, use the two-way table as a prompt. What other headings could you use? How could you create links to other parts of Maths?
    Untitled picture.png
    Strict timing and alternating between solo and group is important.
    Let’s take it in turns to put a random thing into the table. Now… can we find headings for the two-way table that work? Hmm.


    Amazing focussed digression on how to create a graph with n points of inflection

    Each of the elements in the table is a question, a starting point. A meta-table.
  4.  Maybe less nitty-gritty mathematical thinking this time, but more higher-level thinking about how to create links between disparate parts of Maths? Unsure, let’s wait until the write-ups come flooding in…

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