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My qualifications:

  • First, Mathematics Degree, University of Warwick (2013)
  • Merit, Master of Mathematics, University of Cambridge (2014, specialising in Geometry)
  • PGCE (teacher training qualification), University of Cambridge (2015)
  • Teacher of Mathematics at School 21, teaching 11-16 year old students (2015 – 18)
  • Leader of Technology Pedagogy at School 21 (2016 – 17)
  • Head of Maths at Six21, teaching 16-17 year old students (2017 – 18)

Other passions:

  • Semi-professional French horn player, currently with Sinfonia Tamesa.
  • Marathon runner and long distance swimmer.
  • Spending as much time in the outdoors as possible.
  • My beliefs:

    I believe that Mathematical problem-solving is powerful and engaging enough for all students to love. Difficult problems with careful support, problems that use technology intelligently, problems with younger students, university-level problems with university-level support.

    However, I also believe in the power of projects to motivate students and build links. Projects where students think for thinking’s sake to create illusions on pavements. Projects where students think to make a difference to the world, by preventing the building of a concrete factory (BBC News report).

    I believe that proof is beautiful, and that technology, when used carefully, is an incredibly powerful tool in Mathematics. I constantly wrestle with the age-old question of why Mathematics should be compulsory for all students, and enjoy learning from other schools.

    I believe that the more time spent outdoors, the better.

    With my Yr11 class

    A first draft of my vision. Subject to change.

    • Every lesson should contain a glimpse of infinity. Generalisation is the heartbeat of mathematics.
    • Mathematics is fascinating and accessible enough to hook anybody
    • Teacher-student relationships are crucial to a successful culture
    • Technology can enhance deep thinking